Our Experience

Our experience is extensively extensive.

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We have completed over 300 projects, including 1,100 focus groups and 700 in-depth telephone interviews. We have been spotted cruising all over Alberta and Western Canada on over 180 road trips with our clients, speaking with about 9,000 people, and by our best guess, we have probably asked about 30,000 questions. That’s a lot of questions!

During our 1,100+ focus groups, we talked to many people (kindergarten students, home buyers, expectant mothers, employers and even diamond sellers) about a variety of different topics (safe driving, paying child support, recycling beverage containers, providing sexual consent, and the journey of cancer treatments). And while our experience is vast, what we really love doing is having a conversation with someone to understand how they interpret the messages around them and how those messages influence opinions and behaviour.

We get to ask the most interesting questions, which lead us to the most insightful answers. Do you know what a fatburg is? (It is a large mass of solid waste in a sewage system consisting of congealed fat and paper products.) How can we design remote work sites to be more welcoming to female tradespeople? (Culture is as important as facilities.) What was the moment that made you go from being a reckless driver to a defensive driver? (Having a close call is very influential on driving behaviour.) Who influenced your selection of a post-secondary program? (Aunties and uncles have a lot of influence… especially the cool ones.)

Our Clients

What our partners say...

"For over 13 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Sandra from both an agency and client perspective on research projects ranging from retail to social marketing/behaviour change across a wide spectrum of topics. Her extensive experience makes her adept at research design, recruitment strategies and group moderation which lead to richer insights and actionable results."

Craig Marler

Director of Marketing, Cantiro

"I have worked with Sandra at Johnston Research for focus group testing for both a homebuilding client and government client. She is always very professional, helpful and even when having to pivot to an online tool during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sandra came to the table with a solution and made everything go seamlessly. Sandra is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her for any focus group or research work."

Ashley Cameron

Account Manager, ZGM

"Sandra has significant knowledge and experience in the qualitative research field. She asks the right questions to uncover insightful comments, and her client management skills are exceptional."

Webb Dussome

Consultant, Collaborator & Instructor