Qualitative Research

Inquiry + Clarity = Impact

Through authentic conversations and revealing questions, Johnston Research provides transformative value. We deliver insights that are both rich and subtle.

Transformative value

Authentic Conversations


We don’t have all the answers, but we know how to ask the right questions -

...and then we listen
...and then we ask more questions.


We dig for insights into what resonates and connects with people. We identify the important linkages between opinions and behaviours.

We help you to see it from another perspective.


Our findings are action-oriented and developed to support you to make well-informed and strategic decisions.

We move you forward.

About Sandra

I have the courage to ask “that question”.

“Because I care what people have to say, and what their experiences have been, I have the courage to ask “that question” and the empathy to create a safe environment for people to answer. That’s me in a nutshell.”

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What our partners say...

"I’ve worked with Sandra for nearly two decades and she is my go-to research partner for all projects. Her moderating is unparalleled, she ‘gets’ the tough topics, and she’s a joy to work with."

Shellee Ritzman

Campaign Lead, Regional Government

"People are honest with Sandra. They trust her, even on subjects which may be highly personal and we have had many campaigns involving such sensitivities. Sandra also does far more than just draw out what people feel. She gets underneath and has insights into why they feel that way."

Frank Calder

Founder, Calder Bateman

"Sandra is a dream to work with. Her ability to ask the right questions and find deeper meaning is second to none. She is able to pivot to find this deeper meaning and uncover insightful and actionable truths that are truly valuable. Sandra is always my top choice for a research partner."

Jordan Mair

Director of Value & Innovation

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sandra on several focus group projects - ranging from testing new creative to evaluating campaigns and even publication feedback. I’m always struck by her unflappable professionalism and ability to guide the conversations without introducing any bias. Her knack for putting participants at ease and drawing meaningful, insightful thoughts and reactions from each person is unparalleled. I’ve passed her name on to many colleagues and they are always equally impressed."

Kevin Spila

Director of Marketing, Post-Secondary